What Should You Consider When Undergoing Move Out Cleaning?

As you move out of any property you want to be sure that you properly clean it. If you do not, you may lose your initial deposit. If you just do not care you can just leave but if you are interested in properly cleaning, there are some important things that you should do. Move in or move out cleaning is not that difficult if you know what you have to do.

All Around The Home

For starters, you want to remove all the screws and nails out of the ceiling and the walls. Make sure that you put them somewhere safe and then dust all the ceiling fixtures. Move on to dust ledges and clean windows. You want to be sure that you clean doors and door knobs and that all the outlets and light switches are not forgotten. Whenever possible do clean baseboards and walls and be sure that you vacuum everything. When you have carpets it might be a really good idea to get professional cleaners to do the job. Absolutely all cobwebs have to be removed.

Cleaning The Bathroom

Soap scum needs to be removed from tiles and you want to bleach all grout that may have appeared. Bathroom drawers and then vanities should be cleaned and an important point of attention should be put on removing all hair from wherever it may be present. Start by cleaning the toilet, countertops, sinks and then the floor (you want to sweep and then mop). When the toilet seat does not look great you want to replace it and cleaning the mirror is always a very good idea. When you have an exhaust fan, vacuum its surface.

Kitchen Cleaning

The liners and the cabinets have to be cleaned, with a focus put on cabinet front areas. Disinfect after cleaning the countertops and do clean and then shine up the faucets and the sink. Your refrigerator should be scrubbed on the outside and the inside. Clean all shelves separately if you have to. Move on to the oven and do the same thing. Steel wool is normally really good for ovens. If you have a dishwasher you do want to also clean it as some people forget. Sweep behind the appliances since this area is often overlooked.

Cleaning The Outside Of The Home

It is important to cut the grass and then pull out all the weeds. Things that are hanging in trees or that are inside the ground and that you own have to be removed. Grass stains may be present on the porch stairs. They have to be cleaned as this would make everything look a whole lot better. Remember that as you leave the home you do want to mop starting with the point that is as far away from the door as possible.


The recommendations made are suitable for most homes but yours may be different. After you clean everything you will want to take a look and make sure that this is actually the case.