Filming Update – 1St December

Bandar Ceme OnlineWell, this just makes us all tingly.

In case you Lost fans need further confirmation that Emilie de Ravin will most certainly be a part of the tamat season, we can tell you there’s no doubt about it!

Lookie-loos over at ABC Studios in Burbank tell me Evangeline Lilly and Emilie were shooting a scene for Lost just this very morning.
So does this mean Claire and Kate meet up again? And what’s this about a baby bump?!

Here’s the scoop…

Evangeline and Emilie were reshooting a scene for the season premiere episode of Lost, which will air Feb. 2.
The scene was originally taped in Hawaii but had to be reshot, and because Evangeline, Emilie and director Jack Bender all happened to be in Los Angeles (the cast is on hiatus), they decided to shoot it at ABC Studios.
According to a source on set, the scene involved a gun, a cab driver and a…wait for it, certain female actress sporting a baby bump.

So is Kate gonna have a bun in the oven? Perhaps a little Sawyer or Jack? Will Claire reappear pregnant? Or is it a flashback to when Claire was with child (Aaron)? Maybe Kate and Claire met before?

As usual, on this series, anything is possible, so it’s probably none of the options above. And we have to wait until Feb. 2 to get some answers. Anyone else counting the minutes?

Source: E!Online