New Season 6 Hangman Game *Solved*

Bandar Ceme OnlineCongrats to David Gate for being the first person to solve it fully. Congrats to everyone else who got very close.

Here are 3 on Island plot points for season 6 so far: smokie now played by actor Terry O Quinn is recruiting, one of the Kwons is 42, there is a lighthouse on the island, and somehow all of these things are interconnected discuss.

Source: DarkUFO

Update: 28th Nov Next reveal is “S”. New Poll Added. Also an apology for a mistake. We missed out one “R” in one of our letters in the last update. The current puzzle is now correct.
Update: 27th Nov Next reveal is “R”. New Poll Added
Update: 26th Nov Next reveal is “4”. New Poll Added
Update: 26th Nov Next letter revealed is “A”. New Poll Added
Update: 25th Nov I’ve just received the first letter reveal. “E”. New poll has been added.

One of my long term contacts has just sent this to me. I’ve no idea what it is, how big or small it is but should provide something interesting to do whilst we wait for some more spoilers.

-ere are – — -s-a– —- —–s –r seas– – s- -ar: s—-e — –a-e- — a—r -err- – —– -s re-r——, –e — –e —-s -s 4-, –ere -s a ——–se — –e -s-a–, a– s–e— a– — –ese —–s are —er—-e–e- –s–ss.